Who’d be a Windies fan at this moment?

I envision that supporting the West Indies is a piece like being a Nottingham Woods fan. Your group used to be simply incredible, playing engaging stuff that had neutrals murmuring, yet embarrassment is currently pretty much as regular and unsurprising as digs at the alliance government on BBC’s Inquiry Time. Furthermore, right when you figure the Windies may be nearly a recovery, they surrender like lemmings at a bluff hopping party; which is presumably what their fans will put together too after their most recent shame – this time because of the Britain Lions.

In the previous warm up match the Windies put on a fair act

They batted earnestly and, surprisingly, figured out how to set the Lions an interesting run pursue of just shy of 200. In any case, their endeavors to protect that score today were stunning. It wasn’t simply awkward; it was thoroughly inadequate with regards to heart. In some cases I puzzle over whether West Indian players can pat their heads and rub their stomachs simultaneously. They unquestionably can’t bat well and bowl well in a similar match. Getting two things right at the same time appears past them.

To put their ten wicket rout in context, the one who caused the harm for the Lions today was little Joe Root – a youthful person who had recently made only one first class hundred in quite a while vocation. In spite of being profoundly evaluated, Root has ceaselessly battled to satisfy everyone’s expectations. He finds district bowlers a modest bunch more often than not (averaging an insignificant 33 preceding this match), yet he took one glance at the Windies assault and out of nowhere transformed into Len Hutton.

The undeniable point is this: in the event that the Lions can beat the West Indies by ten wickets, how will the senior Britain group treat them? Keep in mind, two or three months prior Strauss’ men bowled the Lions out for peanuts and needed to set themselves a fake score to pursue; it was the main way they could get some significant batting practice. In the event that the Windies are to keep away from embarrassment in the principal test, they’ll need to work on quick. Scratch that. They’ll need to work on really quick.

The Windies additionally experienced some terrible news today when Kemar Cockroach

Their best bowler, couldn’t take the field. He harmed his hand batting and must now be a physical issue uncertainty for the main test. It never rains, it pours – how able when we’ve had the wettest April and May in living memory. While the West Indies last XI for the primary test is currently in uncertainty, the Britain selectors seem to have chosen the make-up of their side. The main genuine inquiry before today was who the 6th expert batsman would be. With Ravi Bopara nursing a physical issue, Jonny Bairstow has been given the gesture.

It will be fascinating to perceive how Bairstow does. He’s clearly an extremely skilled chap and he merits his call up basically on the grounds that he’s scored a greater number of runs than his closest opponents; Alex Hales has had an exceptionally frustrating season up to this point, while James Taylor’s most memorable innings ton for the Lions was his most memorable significant innings for quite a while. On the other hand, Britain could presumably handle ten men yet beat the Windies in the event that ongoing structure is anything to go by.